If you want to be a blogger clap your hand…or don’t!

Yes we all know that this job is making you dreaming, but do you really know the impact and influence of fashion bloggers on the media and fashion industry?

Let’s just take the example of Camille Callen alias Noholita. This wonderful 26 years old girl, have decided to create her blog in January 2014, for what? Fashion advices

No-ho-li-ta – In fact this name is a mixed of her two favourites areas of New York City, Nolita and Soho, such as Carrie Bradshaw. 2 years and the dream came true, 4000 publications on instagram, and more than 500K followers. (Soon for me I hope)

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 15.50.41
@Noholita on Instagram

Anyway, I asked her if she was shy about her ‘job’- we all know this can not be consider as a job for everyone – ‘This is not a taboo anymore, it was actually when people asked me a few years ago what was my job’, now she is more than proud to say ‘I’m a blogger and this is my job’.

‘This wasn’t my first choice, my dream was to become a wedding planner, and one day I decided to try and the audience made my decision’ adds Camille; ‘You can call me Noho now’.

Her particularity and what attracts young people on her blog, ‘it’s my accessibility I guess’. She’s more than close to her audience, and that ‘s why people love her. ‘I love her, because I saw her three times, and she ‘s always answering my questions and my email’ says Naomi Levy, a student in psychology.

‘I used to organise some events where I can meet my readers, and speak with her’, most of Noholita’s readers are women especially young. Yes I am one of them.

Fashion bloggers have become very famous in the past few years, and have taken a big place in the fashion and media industry. Blogging in general is considered as a new form of journalism and can be seen as a concurrence for fashion magazines.

Nowadays we witness a struggle between fashion bloggers and fashion magazines.

Leila Nait, Fashion Editor and Founder of The List, says that ‘at the beginning of fashion blogs, fashion journalists required to be separated from bloggers during fashion show’. Worst than being separate, Fern Mallis fondator of New York Fashion week announced in 2014 that fashion bloggers will no longer be welcome in fashion shows.

But don’t worry, the next year New York Fashion show was full of bloggers.

‘I don’t have the feeling of any concurence with the women’s press, our jobs are really different because I’m giving advices, inspirations and writing about my life, and Journalists are writing about lifestyle in general’ says Noholita.

In a survey done on Facebook, fashion blogs appears to be more influencial than fashion magazine. After all, fashion bloggers are accessible and free, whereas fashion magazine aren’t. (We can admit that everything is about money)

Vogue for example needs to face this rise of digital, by reducing their money on print sales, saying that digital and online journalism are their focus in the long term future. ‘I tend to say that blogs and press are two thing completely different. Blogger have a proximety with the audience that press haven’t’ explains Celia, journalist in Vogue USA.‘Our roles is to promote products from different kind of brand, and to give people the chance to see the products in advance’. Bloggers, have to show the products on her, and give some advices for the perfect outfit.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 15.54.13.png
Cover of Vogue Espagna, March 2015

To conclude I will say that digital has changed the landscape of fashion forever. Now publicist and brands need to take both side in consideration: bloggers and editor. This fight is not ready to stop, and everyone must put their own to work together. Some have already tried. Vogue magazine is already doing collaboration with bloggers (not with me yet), by asking them some articles in the famous magazine.

The fashion industry is changing in a good way.


Articles about fashion bloggers available on http://www.vogue.co.uk

Articles from Camille Callen and about her life on http://www.noholita.fr/

Timetables of the next fashion shows http://nyfw.com/ or http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/




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