Sky watchers are preparing for the latest ‘Supermoon’ as Earth’s satellite makes its closest approach since 1948.The best chance to see it in England will be on Monday afternoon, at 16:43 GMT in London exactly.

First serve thanks to jet lag, thousand of Asians went to the top of skyscrapers this Monday, to have the chance to see this amazing moon and offer an unprecedented show for almost 70 years.The moon, which must reach its closest point to the earth at 12:33 and be full at 2:52 pm, will be visible this evening, all around the world.

Unfortunately some country won’t be able to see it due to a bad weather. According to ‘LeMonde’ newspaper, French people won’t have the chance to attend this lunar show, due to cloud cover.

BBC also reported that ‘Skywatchers in Australia were disappointed when thick clouds obscured their view of the moon, which made a short-lived evening appearance’.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 11.54.55.png
BBC article this Monday morning

Many stargazing Londoners captured stunning photos of the giant moon as it lit up the sky over the city on Sunday night. People are expecting to spot the moon again over London, but Met Office says chance of glimpse ‘doesn’t look good’ as forecasters predict clouds will obscure it tonight.‘Cloud threatens to block London’s view of Supermoon, forecasters warn’ argue the Evening Standart in a tweet this Monday Morning.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 12.10.03.png
The Telegraph newpsaper









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