Venice faces dangerous consequences as a result of mass tourism and the UNESCO pressures to put it on the list of endangered heritage sites.

The UNESCO has warned Italy, last July, that they will be putting Venice on the list of endangered heritage sites if the government fails to solve the issue of cruise ship by 2017.

The world heritage committee has expressed “extreme concerns” concerning the decay of the lagoon and asked for “the prohibition of the largest ships and tankers.” According to The Telegraph

The environmental consequences are detrimental to the city also known as La Serenissima, who saw a dangerous increase in flooding and decay of the buildings.

On a daily basis Venice welcomes over 70,000 tourists from day trippers to cruise passenger, and over 25 million tourists a year.

Yet, ships are allowed to enter the lagoon and cruise by the Guidecca canal, so alternative routes have been considered.

But the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro, supports the cruise ship traffic and has no intention to address the issue. He said to The Telegraph: “I believe this is the time to make international decisions thinking of Venetians above all. Venetians don’t want to die, but want to make the city grow with their pride and talent.”

Yet, a third of the inhabitants have moved out of Venice, and if the city continues in this direction, it will eventually die out.


View from the bridge of the Academia, October 2016. Image credit: Prunelle Ayache


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